Sutton Mariners Sailing Club

Project Kraken

Suspicious Behaviour.

The tragic loss of life is a constant reminder of Project Kraken regarding tackling maritime border crime around the 11,000 miles of UK mainland coast.  Any unusual or suspicious activity should be reported immediately, either online (anonymously, if preferred) or by calling the police on 101 (999 in an emergency).
It is not only immigration that we should be aware of. Theft of and from vessels is also a concern which should be reported.

Suspicious activity could include:

1. Boats arriving at unusual times or to isolated locations.
2. People taking an interest in port security or buildings.
3. Nervous crew who show a lack of maritime protocols.
4. People making attempts to signal or guide boats offshore.
5. People making a large cash payment for maritime equipment.
6. People being somewhere they shouldn’t be.
7. Boats showing signs of unusual modification or minor damage.