Mini photographic competition 2023 results

Thank you to the six members who submitted 17 entries for my mini photographic competition. I particularly liked the night and sunset images but the one that stands out for me is Garry’s ‘Gone in a flash’ because ‘it does what it says on the tin’ Garry nicely captured the dipping sun between his blue ensign and the lifesaving gear, but it also has an interesting sky, to boot! See following image.

A close second is Ruth’s (see below) but I think it would have been better had the yacht been on the right rather than the left. The reasoning being that we read from left to right so it would be better for the lights (and reflected lights) to take the viewer across the photograph from left to right ending at the yacht.

I’m having to take a very critical approach to my photographic work at present so it was good to have the opportunity to review other peoples’ images.