Petal,  Sailing

Skipper Garry Mackey

Skipper Spotlight in Fifteen

Boat – MG 345 “Petal”



Garry Mackey (right) and John Eversfield (left)

1. What was your first experience of sailing and when?

Regatta at school. Went to watch someone needed a crew they said you’ll do ,we won my first and second race in a mirror dinghy. Next we had a Wayfarer my helm said we’d be ok because you can’t capsize a Wayfarer you guessed it we capsized. Did some canoeing and sailed Fireballs from time to time before leaving school and playing around with big grey things

2. What is your favourite memory of your boat?

My first trip across Lime bay with Jan. Light wind auto helm on glorious sunshine.

3. What is your most useful cooking utensil on your boat?

At the moment John. Normally boaties frying pan.

4. If you won £5000 for boat improvements, what would you splash out on?

Aires wind vane

5. Who is your sailing hero and why?

Sir Robin Knox Johnston. Because he was the first.

6. What navigation system do you use?

Chart plotter. GPS. Admiralty folio. Sailing directions. And the MK 1 eyeball

7. If you could buy a brand new boat – what would you call her?

Petal II

8. What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from a mistake?


9. Where would you most like to go on a Commodore’s cruise?

Fecamp, Honfleur etc

10. Who is your favorite pop star?

Van Morrison

11. What is the best characteristic you look for in crew?

Someone who pays attention to what’s happening and willing to get involved

12. How often do you get out on the water during the season?

Twice a Month

13. What’s your favourite marina and why?

Honfleur you can spend 3 or 4 nights right in the middle of town

14. If money was no object who would you most like to see speak at Sutton Mariners?

Sir Robin Knox Johnston

15. What’s your best luxury on the boat?